About Us

The Ohio Women's Bar Association (OWBA) was formed in 1991 in order to build a community of lawyers who are interested in the issues that uniquely affect women.


What the OWBA does for the legal community:

  • Fosters communication among women attorneys
  • Helps advance the position of women attorneys
  • Promotes opportunities available to women attorneys in order to accurately reflect the role of women in a democratic society
  • Ensures the participation of women attorneys in bar associations
  • Encourages women to participate in social and political areas that affect the community
  • Monitors legislation, policies and practices affecting the status of women and opportunities available to women
  • Coordinates continuing legal education in areas of current interest to the legal profession
  • Creates networking opportunities to meet prominent individuals and colleagues at programs and meetings
  • Provides a significant support group, lifelong friendships and valuable professional contacts

If you choose to be an active member in the OWBA, you will have many opportunities for leadership roles within the organization.

We are proud to sponsor (and co-sponsor) networking and educational events throughout the state.  Whether you are a full or part time attorney, magistrate, judge, law student or you are taking a break from the practice of law, the OWBA offers a variety of events to meet your needs.  At OWBA, we believe it is important to stress educating ourselves and our communities about the changing laws, candidates running for office and social and health issues.  This is why we sponsor events such as Judge the Judges and Meet the Candidates, as well as holding information CLE’s focused on new laws.  As the OWBA continues to grow, we pursue events which focus on the needs of our members.  We are proud to have been able to pair up with companies and firms across the state to host a series of lectures on leadership, which have turned out to be a major topic of interest and became "sold out" events.  Join now to see what OWBA can offer you.  We value the diversity of our members from various backgrounds, career paths, areas and lengths of practice.  Your membership will continue to grow the organization and benefit not only yourself and your career, but of those following in your footsteps.

If your career or schedule does not allow you to actively participate in the OWBA, the women's bar still needs your membership. It is a way of acknowledging the value of the community of women. For the established attorney, it is a way of growing and developing your career path, for the law students, there’s no better way to begin one!


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