Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award

Previous Award Recipients:

2016 -- Nationwide Insurance Company
2017 -- Ohio Attorney General's Office
2018 -- Perez & Morris LLC
2019 -- Littler Mendelson P.C.
2021 -- Perez & Morris LLC
2022 -- Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP


The Ohio Women’s Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee seeks to recognize a law firm, company or other legal organization that has a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the profession. The Committee will consider an applicant’s trailblazing efforts in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Creating organizational change and establishing an inclusive work environment. For example, fostering leadership development, innovation and knowledge sharing that enhances the status of diverse individuals in the legal profession; implementing policies that demonstrably increase opportunities for diverse individuals in the legal profession; providing research and study or development of educational programming on issues of importance to diverse individuals throughout the legal community.
  2. Promoting inclusive workplaces. For example, creating and empowering affinity groups and/or diversity committees within the organization, or actively increasing opportunities for diverse individuals in the profession, including the judiciary, with a particular focus on women, including women of color.
  3. Publicizing the distinct and vital contributions diverse individuals make to the legal profession. For example, promoting pro bono legal representation and service to diversity causes and enhancing opportunities on behalf of diverse individuals in the Ohio Women’s Bar Association or other bar associations, and advocating for the rights of those from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Using the organization’s power and resources to advance the position of diverse individuals in the legal profession and in their community. For example, exhibiting efforts to diversify the legal profession through community involvement, collaboration amongst members of the legal and civic community, leadership on diversity issues in the legal community, and corporate or law firm commitments to diversity.
  5. Demonstrated success in retaining, developing, promoting, and empowering diverse individuals in the organization and in the legal profession, including through substantive work and leadership opportunities. To this end, the Committee welcomes specific data demonstrating the success of the applicant’s efforts.

Application Questions:

  1. Has the organization won any award recognizing its diversity efforts from any other organization? If yes, please comment what awards your organization has received.
  2. A supporting statement, of no longer than 1000 words, describing how and why the company, law firm or organization deserves the Diversity Champion Award. Include information that relates to the above criteria and other details, such as the quantitative and qualitative impact of the firm of  the candidate’s trailblazing efforts.

Nominations Closed April 4, 2023