Judicial Selection Committee

The purpose of this Committee shall be to promote within the Cuyahoga County community the free exchange of ideas concerning the qualifications of candidates for elected local judicial office for appellate, county or municipal judicial offices which appear on the ballot in Cuyahoga County; to evaluate the fitness for judicial office of persons aspiring to such office; to educate members of the bar and members of the public at large with respect to judicial candidates; and to carry out impartially the procedures provided in these rules regarding candidates for judicial office. To this end, this Committee, pursuant to the procedures in these Rules, shall assist the Association by publicly identifying those candidates for judicial office who possess those requisite qualities for office and by rating the candidate according to the procedures set forth herein. No part of the purpose of this Committee shall be to campaign for, or otherwise assist in or promote the election or defeat of, any candidate for judicial office. This Committee is not intended to play any role in the selection of persons to fill any federal judicial office or statewide judicial office.

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Rules Governing the Judicial Selection Committee


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